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I hereby acknowledge the following to be binding by my acceptance for all travelers listed under this booking:

TRAVEL AGREEMENT: I understand that it is my responsibility, as the traveler, to read the terms and conditions of each destination and travel supplier, including their cancellation and refund policies, as well as passport requirements, passport expiration dates, Vaccination Requirements, COVID Vaccination Requirements and COVID Testing Requirements of the supplier or destination. I have reviewed and agree to the terms and conditions of each travel supplier. I am aware of how to access any requirements, procedures, and precautions related to my supplier and destination. I understand that these travel suppliers may charge my payment card for cancellations per their cancellation policy, for changes to the reservation, or for failure to appear for the actual reservation. Passports are required for international travel - clients are advised to confirm specifics with the U.S. State Department. Vaccinations and COVID testing requirements vary by supplier and destination. COVID precautions and procedures vary by supplier and destination. This includes mask requirements. Visas are an entry requirement in many countries and clients are advised to check with governmental sources to confirm what visas they need and how to acquire them. Various Immunizations may be required or recommended by some destinations, clients are advised to check with the CDC and other governmental sources for requirements. Name and Date of Birth need to be accurate on all documents. Names must match exactly on all documents. Date of Birth must match exactly on all documents. If traveling internationally, Passenger name MUST match passport exactly in order to board airplane. If we are making an air reservation, Passenger name MUST match identification exactly in order to board airplane.

PASSPORTS: Everyone, including children and infants, MUST have a VALID passport to travel internationally (not Passport Card). Failure to comply will result in denial of boarding, no refund, no exceptions (out of the USA). Just A Dream Away Travel LLC is NOT responsible for passports in ANY way. Passports are required to be valid for 6 months from your return date. PASSPORT CARDS ARE NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY VIA AIR!
It is the sole responsibility of the passenger(s) to verify and secure travel documents in advance of travel.  Visit:

CHANGES TO RESERVATIONS: ANY changes made to your existing room reservation are subject to the current rates, promotions, and terms at the time of change.

TRAVEL SUPPLIERS: Each travel supplier/vendor has their own terms and conditions. Please be sure that you have read and understood each individual supplier/vendor's terms and conditions including their cancellation and refund policies. Your reservation will be held to these terms and conditions. Just A Dream Away Travel LLC will not be held responsible for the penalties and charges imposed by the supplier/vendor.

FINAL PAYMENT: The final payment MUST be received NO LATER THAN 10 days prior to tour operator requirements. Final payments are not automatically charged. Please note your calendar of this final payment date as reminders may not be sent, however, we try to send reminders about a week before it's due. You must contact your travel agent by the date you'd like the payment to be posted. Just A Dream Away Travel LLC is not responsible for cancellations due to payments made after this date. Late fees will apply.

CANCELLATION PENALTIES: Pertaining to the room portion of your trip; once your reservation is made a $150 nonrefundable penalty will be assessed up until any additional resort penalties take effect. The aforementioned is per person or entire room canceling (so if 1 person within the room cancels these same rules apply for that person). Regarding Airline tickets: if Just A Dream Away Travel LLC booked your tickets, they are 100% non- refundable and subject to individual airline penalties/fees (see insurance option).

LATE FEES: Final payments not received prior to the due date above will incur a $25 per person late fee. All reservations are subject to cancellation and hotel penalties as described above if final payment is not received on the due date. Late fees are not covered by the travel insurance and are always non-refundable.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: All the above could be protected with the optional Travel Insurance with the exception of late fees. If you do not have insurance: natural disasters (such as hurricanes), cancellations for ANY reason (medical/personal emergencies, cancelation of the wedding, etc.) do not relieve you from these penalties. ONLY the Travel Insurance will ensure you coverage. All cancellations must be received in writing.

CANCEL FOR ANY REASON TRAVEL INSURANCE: Cancel for Any Reason Insurance can only be purchased at the time your reservation is made; it cannot be added after the initial trip deposit is received. Your Just A Dream Away Travel LLC Agent will quote your insurance policy cost upon initial trip quote. Cancel for Any Reason Insurance may allow you to cancel for any reason up to the morning of departure (prior to flight departure) with full refund (minus insurance policy cost). Cancel for Any Reason Insurance rules, requirements, and coverage varies by policy and may or may not include baggage loss, trip delay or interruption & medical expenses.

UPDATES TO PACKAGES AND INSURANCE POLICIES: This plan does not include increased rates associated with a change in the number of individuals occupying a room. If the number of individuals occupying a room changes, the remaining travelers will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of the change in the per-person occupancy rate. Travel Insurance may NOT cover items you purchase outside supplier and/or Just A Dream Away Travel LLC (i.e. airfare, tours, excursions etc). Please Note: if you initially reserve a room only package & add airfare to the package through Just A Dream Away Travel LLC at a later date your Travel Insurance and/or Cancel For Any Reason insurance policy cost may be adjusted to accommodate the revised total trip package cost at that time.

HONEYMOON & ANNIVERSARY TRAVELERS: You MUST bring a copy of your marriage certificate to qualify for any complimentary honeymoon/anniversary package (photo copy is recommended). Failure to have such proof of marriage will result in the resort denying these complimentary privileges (if applicable). PLEASE notify your Just A Dream Away Travel LLC agent if you are celebrating a Honeymoon or Anniversary so that they can annotate this in your reservation. Typically, resort will honor these packages up to 30 days before or after your honeymoon/anniversary date.

TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN: Children under 18 years of age not traveling with both parents or legal guardian(s) may need to present a notarized letter from the absent parent/guardian granting permission to travel outside the United States and provide emergency medical care if necessary. Please contact your travel advisor if you would like sample letters. Just A Dream Away Travel LLC is not responsible for lack of compliance to provide proper documentation to airport authorities. It is the responsibility of the traveler & the traveler's parents/guardians to provide proper documentation to airport authorities.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Travel documents will be sent to you prior to departure date. Please read through these documents immediately; misprints, misspellings, incorrect dates etc. are not the responsibility of Just A Dream Away Travel LLC Included in your travel documents (if airfare is purchased through Just A Dream Away Travel LLC) are airline electronic ticket receipts (proof of purchase, not boarding passes or actual tickets). Boarding passes are printed at the time of check in; online with the airline directly, or at the airport when showing passport & checking in luggage. It is very important that you take your travel documents with you in addition to passports and a major credit card for any baggage fees that may apply.

BAGGAGE FEES: Due to continual changes in airline baggage policies it is suggested that you inquire with your airline's website for up-to-date fees & information. Just A Dream Away Travel LLC is NOT responsible for additional fees incurred for baggage or seating. BAGGAGE FEES ARE NOT PART OF AN ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE!

Please review "Updated Checked Bag and Carry-on Bag Rules" at

AIRLINE SCHEDULE CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS: Occasionally airlines change flight schedules, & may even cancel flights entirely. These changes are beyond Just A Dream Away Travel LLC's control. In the event that such a situation occurs; Just A Dream Away Travel LLC will do it’s very best to assist you with finding the best possible alternate option(s). If the flight time change is minor (2 hours or less) the airline will automatically make the change (airline policies/rules entitle them to legally do so). Just A Dream Away Travel LLC will notify you of major changes. Please Note: there may be additional costs to re-book a new flight should the airline cancel or make a major change to your original flight itinerary. Just A Dream Away Travel LLC is NOT responsible for any additional costs or fees imposed by the airlines. It is the responsibility of the passenger to check for last minute airline flight time changes within 24 hours of departure. Just A Dream Away Travel LLC is not responsible for changes that may occur within 24 hours of original flight departure time.

RE-CONFIRM YOUR FLIGHTS: Just A Dream Away Travel LLC advises that you personally re-confirm your flight schedule within 24 hours prior to departure directly with the airline in case of any last minute changes or delays. Most airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours prior to departure using the Record Locator Number (found in your Just A Dream Away Travel LLC documents).

AIRLINE CHECK IN: Please check in with your airline at the airport no later than three (3) hours prior to scheduled flight departure time for international destinations and two (2) hours for domestic destinations.

RESORT CHECK IN: Check-in time at most resorts is 3:00pm (local time). If you arrive prior to 3:00pm your room may not be ready. The resort will store your luggage in a secure location on property so you may start enjoying your vacation without delay. Change into something more comfortable and enjoy a nice lunch, swim in the pool, walk along the beach, visit the theme parks, etc. until you are notified that your room accommodation is ready for check in.

DRESS CODE: Please be advised that some restaurants may require a specific dress code: long pants, collared shirt, & closed-toe shoes (for men); Capri pants, skirts, dresses or dress shorts (for women). Some excursions may require attire and shoes appropriate and safe for those activities. Some all-inclusive resorts host themed evening events. Please pack accordingly.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: I hereby authorize Just A Dream Away Travel, LLC to charge my payment card for all travel related services and travel arrangements booked through Just A Dream Away Travel, LLC, including specified service fees, cancellation penalties and surcharges, and any credit card chargebacks. I understand and agree that charges will appear on my payment card under the name of the applicable travel supplier.

CHANGES TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We update Terms and Conditions periodically without notice. Although, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions in effect on the date of your booking, you may request a new or updated copy at any time by email. You can also find the latest version by visiting:

COVID-19: Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; Just A Dream Away Travel LLC cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during travel.
Client is fully aware of the current global Coronavirus COVID-19 virus outbreak, the current travel requirements, precautions, and restrictions, and inherent risks involved if choosing to travel. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus* (COVID-19, “Coronavirus”) is a known and continually evolving pandemic that is affecting travel worldwide, with continued spread and impacts expected.
I recognize that my participation in travel means I may be subjected to potential risks, illnesses, injuries, and even death as a result either of contracting COVID-19 or of any actions or omissions of governments, private entities or other parties with respect to COVID-19. I have made my own investigation of these risks, understand these risks, and assume them knowingly and willingly.
Client understands that it is his/her responsibility to check the latest travel information regarding this virus outbreak with the CDC. 
Client understands that it is his/her responsibility to have travel insurance to ensure they have coverage for all medical needs and trip cancellation, but understands that concerns or fear of travel is not a covered reason for cancellation relating to the Coronavirus/ Covid-19 and will be denied. Client holds JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLC harmless for their election to not purchase travel insurance or any denial of claim by travel insurer as it relates to Covid-19 or any other claim under the policy.
Client understands that he/she is bound by the terms of the insurance policy as it relates to Coronavirus/Covid-19.
Client is aware of the travel warnings, travel restrictions, and rules, and understands the risks. Client is accepting of these and holds JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLC harmless for any travel restrictions, death, illness, cancellations by suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies or any other travel provider, financial loss, quarantining rules or measures put in place at airports or destinations client is traveling through. Client further agrees to hold JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLC harmless for any financial penalties or fees imposed by the by suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies or any other travel provider due to cancellations or postponements due to Covid-19 and agrees not to institute a credit card dispute or “charge back” to JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLCfor said penalties or fees.
Client is aware that additional screening procedures and restrictions may take place at airports and in public areas. Client is aware that these restrictions may include mandatory face coverings, temperature checks, and COVID testing in airports, hotels, cruise ships, trains or other means of transport.
Client is aware that Immigration restrictions may be put in place before or during their travels that may impede their ability to enter or exit their destination as planned.
Client is aware that it is his/her personal decision to travel and is doing so with full knowledge of current travel recommendations and travel restrictions with regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and takes full responsibility for his/her actions with regards to this.
Client understands and confirms that JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLC, after reasonable inquiry, has provided client with the best available information regarding pandemic protection policies provided by travel suppliers, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruises lines, tour agencies, transfer agencies or any other provider involved in client's booking, but that said suppliers may not enforce or apply said policies. Additionally, client understands and is aware that even if said travel suppliers make a good faith effort to enforce said pandemic policies and procedures, some travelers may refuse to cooperate with said policies. Client further holds JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLC harmless for any injury or harm that may arise.
COVID-19 Waiver: In consideration of the opportunity afforded to me and with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks associated with travel, I hereby release, indemnify, hold harmless and covenant not to sue JUST A DREAM AWAY TRAVEL LLC, its officers, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, and any other person involved either directly or indirectly, from all claims, suits, expenses, attorney fees and demands of any nature (including negligence) caused by, deriving from, or associated with this trip. I make these covenants, release and waivers knowingly and voluntarily. It is further understood and agreed that this Coronavirus/Covid 19 Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement is to be binding on my heirs and assigns and I sign it of my own free will.

Thank you for your business.


Terms & Conditions for Disney Park Pass System:

Disney Tickets: Please note: Disney Tickets of 3-Days or more purchased through Just A Dream Away Travel include your Travel Advisor's free ticket planning services of making theme park reservations, Genie+ planning help, step-by-step touring plans and more for your theme park days. For tickets not purchased through one of our agents or 1 and 2-day tickets, We may charge a $25 per person, per day planning fee, or a minimum of $200 for this service. This is a necessary charge to help cover the professional time spent on these detailed tasks.

In an effort to continue to provide our loyal clients with our planning services without charging a planning fee, the following change and cancellation fees are in effect:

Disney Packages: We do not have a planning fee for Disney Packages booked through Just A Dream Away Travel, however, once deposited, We do have a major date change fee of $25 per person ( min. $100) (for trips that have to be postponed and replanned) or a cancellation fee of $50 per person (min $200). This fee helps to cover the professional time spent once we begin working and planning on the vacation. Understand that by the time a client deposits their reservation, the travel agent has already started helping with tips, itinerary planning, theme park reservations, and other support not provided by booking without a travel advisor. The change/cancellation fee is necessary to help compensate the travel agent for the professional time invested in your vacation.


Cruise, All-Inclusive and other Vacation Packages: There is a change fee of $50 per person whenever a major date change is made (whenever a package is postponed and replanned), There is a cancellation fee of $100 per person whenever a vacation package is cancelled.

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