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Transfer Your Existing Disney Reservation

Transfer Your Reservation to Just A Dream Away Travel

For existing bookings made within the last 30 days and not yet paid in full, you can request that the booking be transferred to Just A Dream Away Travel by filling out this form.

Please complete this form as completely as possible. The information you provide is essential in helping your Travel Professional request your booking transfer.

This Form helps provide your Travel Professional with the details on your existing reservation. This form alone does not cause your reservation to change. It is just the first step in the process.

Not all existing reservations qualify to be transferred. Your Travel Professional will let you know if there are other options.

We will reach out to you for any missing information before we can move forward.


Travel Party Details:

Do Any of These Apply?:

Thank you for submitting your quote request!

Booking Transfer Request Form (for Reservations Initially Made Directly with Disney)

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